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Posyp žlutý, světlý, pískový,"Sahara", 250ml.

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Delivery time 10 days.



Decorative material with a finer structure made of colored sawdust intended for creating modeling dioramas.

Suitable for the production of heathers, lilacs, ornamental park trees, shrubs, flowering plants, etc.

Instructions for use:

Sprinkle application procedure:

Before starting to apply the sprinkles, it is advisable to paint the base with water-based paint (Balacryl, etc.) in a similar color shade. It will prevent the base from showing through.

After the paint has dried, paint the base with a large layer of thick, water-dilutable, dispersion-based adhesive for wood (Duvilax, etc.) and sprinkle with a large amount of sprinkling material.

It can also be poured in a large layer. After drying, it is best to vacuum up the excess sprinkle with a cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner or sweep with a wide brush.

In case of imperfect grassing or empty places, repeat this procedure.

Product intended for modelers aged 15 and over.

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